Friday, March 28, 2014

Half Bath Makeover

First of all - please excuse these horrible cell phone pictures.  

Secondly, this bathroom is quite possibly the smallest room in the world so getting a full picture of the room was completely out of the question.  So this corner is pretty much all you're gonna get.
You'll get the idea though and see this corner go through quite the transformation.

Our half-bath was very basic to start.  There were just plain walls painted with flat beige paint.  There was no crown molding or trim of any kind.  So we pretty much started from scratch.

My handy husband (Dan) started out by taking everything out of the room.  That included the toilet and the pedestal sink.  Like I said, very basic.

Dan made board and batting with MDF (medium density fiberboard).  This is a pretty inexpensive building material that is a lot smoother than wood.  The only downfall would be that it makes a crazy mess when cutting it with a table saw.  I swear I'm still cleaning it out of our garage.

Once we had the look we wanted, the nail holes had to be filled in with putty and sanded down.

Now, time for paint!

Once the board and batting was painted, we painted the whole room white.

Now it was time to start with the stencil!

I knew that I wanted to do something special with this halfbath, I just wasn't sure what.
I originally wanted to do wallpaper but I couldn't get over how expensive wallpaper can be.
So that's when I came across Cutting Edge Stencil's website.
There were so many cool stencils to choose from!  This site is great.

I found the trellis stencil and instantly fell in love! 
 It was just what I was looking for.  And get this...only $39.95!
You pay for your stencil once and you can use it over and over.
People are using these stencils on walls, ceilings, furniture, and even curtains.

So here is how it started...

It was pretty tedious work, I'm not going to deny that.  
If you aren't sure how it works, check out one of their tutorial videos here.

After a couple of hours, this is what we ended up with.
Again, please excuse the cell phone pictures.  
It was night time at this point too so no more natural light.

Once we got everything put back in, this is our final result...

We are very happy with how it turned out.  I promise to get a better picture with an actual camera.  
Better pics to come!

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Maggie Gropper said...

I think you did a wonderful job on that bathroom.

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