Thanks so much for stopping by Blush & Gold!
I'm Stephanie, a southern girl with big city dreams (see above).
I have always been into the fashion thing.  When I was a kid I would ask my friends to let me go through their closets and put together outfits for them to wear to school that week.  They all thought I was weird but obliged just to make me happy--great friends, right!?

I started Blush & Gold just to keep track of all of these ideas that I have floating around in my head.  I literally dream of fashion.  No, seriously.  When I dream, whether it's sappy, scary, or just weird, all of the people in my dreams are dressed to the nines.  Usually it is clothing or accessories that I've never even seen before.  The shoes get really crazy!  I swear, if I could get this whole sketching thing down I would be the next Alexander McQueen (RIP).

The name Blush & Gold was thought of with the help of one of my best friends.  I told my friend Andi that I wanted a name that was unique and meant something to me.  So she suggested that we go through the names of nail polishes.  So, after going through countless names on the Essie, OPI, and wet & wild sites, we determined that lustful licorice or mermaid seashells (I just made those up) weren't going to cut it.  So we decided to take another route.  Then we came up with the clever idea that I should go with my two fave colors...viola--Blush & Gold!.

I hope you enjoy reading and viewing all of my thoughts!


Stephanie Suarez said...

Just followed via BL. Looking forward to reading more from you, Stephanie!

Vanessa G said...

Awesome blog! I love the name and the story behind it. Can't wait to keep reading more from you!


Candle Spas said...

Love the blog, can't wait to read more!

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