Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Kid Friendly

It's seems like everywhere I turn someone is prego.
I guess I'm just at that age huh?
Although I'm not exactly ready to have kiddos, I can definitely
appreciate the oh-so-chic looks that they are sporting these days.
Two of my best friends are pregnant along with my sister
so I'm kind of on baby mode in the shopping department.
While these looks aren't exactly for newborns,
I just know that when they get a little older they will look
adorbs in these trendy beauties.

 1.) faux-fur cardigan 2.) striped-sparkle collar 3.) bubble necklace top
 4.) gold-button coat 5.) cashmere bow coat 6.) owl sweater
7.) glitter-dot sweater 8.) sequin wrap skirt  9.) heart cardigan 10.) glitter-dot leggings



Tass said...

definitely, love your blog and your theme of your blog!

Gina said...

Hey! Very cute blog here. I'm scrolling through your posts and it looks like we've picked out a lot of the same items:-) Great minds think alike.
I'm following you now.

XO, Gina

anasgch said...

Baby and kids' fashion these days looked like adults, just made the size super mini..:p


Hannah Hawkshaw said...

These are such great picks! There are such a variety of styles for kids these days - They're so lucky! :-)

Krystin Lee said...

Love the bow coat - amazing colour :) Cute blog btw!

Zeinab Al-Hussaini said...

Ohh wow, I love number 2! I was just looking for a gift for my best friend's sister.

Aleksandra said...

Maybe it's for kids but I'd totally wear some of those myself ;)
I'm absolutely loving your blog and followed it immediately!

Une Dandizette

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