Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Monogram Madness

Is it just me or has monogramming sort of vomited exploded on everything?
People are monogramming pretty much anything these days.
I must admit, I am on board with some things but I agree that it can get out of control.

Here are a few things to stamp your name/initials on if you wish...

(Byrdlegs via Etsy

(Byrdlegs via Etsy)

(Marinette Jewelry via Etsy)

(Jeneri Jewelry via Etsy)

(via Prepaganda)

(via be.designs)

(Maid of Clay via Etsy)

(via wh hostess)

(via Julia B.)

 Now this is where I draw the line!  Come on, really?

Are you monogram obsessed too??

...xoxo Stephanie

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