Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Faves 9/14/12

Happy Friday everyone!  
I am soooo ready for the weekend!
  I started out this week sick and in the bed and then ended it with a trip to the dentist! Ugh!  
Let's just say this weekend can't get here soon enough!

Here are a few things that were my faves this week...

Emma Stone could be labeled as my fave every single week.  
She is my ultimate favorite actress and she is stunning in this photo.  
Her makeup is absolutely flawless!

(via EmStoners)

This gown is impeccable on Selena Gomez.  
She looks so grown up and gorgeous!
Best dressed nom on Fashion Police...can't wait to hear what Joan says.
Tune in tonight at 10/9c.


The newest Dave Matthews Band CD came out this week and it is GREAT!
Buy it here!

(via DMB)

I am slightly obsessed with Fall!
What I love most about Fall (besides baking with pumpkin and dressing in layers) is decorating!
So you could only imagine my excitement when I saw this tutorial on Marsh Madness.
Super cute right!?  I'm going to attempt this over the weekend.

Check out the tutorial here.


What are some of your favorite things that happened this week??

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