Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Jennifer is engaged!

I seriously feel like Jennifer and I should be on first name basis.  Like I should be able to call her Jenn and she can call me Steph.  It's whatev.  Seriously though, I have been a huge fan of Friends ever since I can remember so I literally feel close to her.  Well, when I found out that she was engaged I couldn't help but secretly say...take THAT Brangelina!  I'm so happy for her and I think she picked a great one this time.

Oh, and P.S., my husband is totally bummed about this news.  We have a deal made that Jennifer Aniston is the only person that I would allow him to leave me for and not get mad.  As long as we have that same understanding when Channing Tatum comes along :)  So now my husband feels like his chance of this happening just got a little bit harder (as if it was even a little bit possible before).  Sorry, babe.

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