Thursday, August 16, 2012

High End to Low End

Don't you just hate it when you see a dress that would be perfect for your next event and then you see that it costs almost $500!!??  Story of my life.  Perfect example, I am still searching for a dress to wear to a wedding in October and I came across this super cute one on Pinterest.

(via BHLDN)

I was so excited to see that someone had actually included the correct link with it until I saw that it cost 460 DOLLARS!!  Definitely out of my price range!

So I was doing my usual search on Forever21's website of their new arrivals when I saw this...

(via Forever21)

Pretty much the same thing right??  This skirt is only $17.80.

Add this bow belt for only $9.60 and Viola!


I realize that I am getting to that age where it is border line embarrassing to be seen in Forever21 but I can't help but jump on their deals.  No one is too old to save money, right?

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