Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Getting Ready for Fall!

Fall is stumbling upon us very quickly and I am not complaining at all!  There are many things that I love about Fall...Cooler weather, baking with pumpkin, Halloween, and Fall decorating.  Oh, and of course the clothes!  I just love the look of layering and it really gives you so many more options of what to wear.  I like to stick with a lot of the things that I wear during the warmer months but just add to it.  Here are some Fall looks that I am looking forward to... 

(via Pinterest)

(via Muubaa)

(via ASOS)
P.S.  Wouldn't this outfit be super cute with those heart tights that I mentioned here in an earlier post?? 

(Scarf via NastyGal)

Do you have any looks in particular that have you excited about Fall??

1 comment:

Berty Morales said...

I am so ready for this kind of weather! Great post, love the images and thanks for sharing :)

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